Periodontal Diseases & Its Preventive Measures

Pushpagiri college of dental
sciences interns attempting for the first time, Dental education at a new level.
Do your gums bleed?
Are you having bad breath?
What are the things to be done.

Child Dental Problems: Oral Habits, Spacing & Protruded Teeth

Does your child have dental problems like spacing, oral habits like tongue thrusting, thumbsucking or protruded teeth?
How to get it solved?
Watch this dental short film about child dental problems done by Interns of Pushpagiri college of dental sciences

Preventive Measures & Treatment Methods

A Stitch in time saves nine. As the old saying goes, approaches taken at the correct time will help us to avoid further trouble and complications.
Hence, preventive measure should be taken appropriately to maintain the integrity of Teeth and to preserve its longevity.

Correction of Malocclusion, Teeth n Wisdom

Get information about how to get your malpositioned teeth corrected.
What is actually Orthodontic treatment??
How far can be malpositioned teeth corrected.

Tooth Fracture: Fear Not & Answer to your Dentinal Hypersensitivty

How do we prevent Oral Cancer???–A Common Fatal Disease