• Education Tool – “BUDDING TEETH”

    Education Tool – “BUDDING TEETH”

    The 2012 batch interns of Pushpagiri College of Dental Sciences introduce an education tool named “BUDDING TEETH” based on the eruption and exfoliation of milk teeth.
    Education tool plays a vital role in the active learning process, which aims at changing attitudes and influencing the behavior of growing children. Education is a learning process or a series of learning experiences through which an individual informs and orients himself to develop skills and intelligent action.
    This is a formal approach to teach the sequential eruption and exfoliation of milk teeth at the classroom level mainly targeting the preschool children up to 6 years of age. This audio-video animated education tool helps both teachers and parents to understand as well as to teach children about the exfoliation and eruption timing of permanent teeth. This community program is an initiative from dental college to create an awareness among the public regarding budding of milk tooth and its shedding followed by the eruption of permanent teeth during various stages of growth in a child.
    The rhyming nature of this education tool and the animations included in this helps children to learn it easily. It can also be performed in cultural programs like school annual day function. Teachers can help children perform this education tool as an action song or something.

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