• Hearty Congratulations

    Hearty Congratulations

    Dr Benley George, Vice Principal(Administration) & Reader and Head, dept of Public Health Dentistry and Dr Minimol K Johny Senior Lecturer, Dept of Conservative Dentistry, Pushpagiri College of dental Sciences has published a book titled”Oral Health- All you need to Know“.


    This book covers all relevant topics on oral health for enhancing the awareness of the community. It has included topics about the normal oral cavity structure, teeth, dental problems, its treatments and prevention. It provides comprehensive and exhaustive details on all topics. The book is prepared in simple language which makes it readable and understandable to all age groups of the society. The current need of the hour is to increase the knowledge on oral health among the society thereby creating a healthy oral cavity among all. This need had prompted the authors to take up the task of bringing up a book which would be the first of its kind in the world and provide all about oral health. This book provides the society the awareness on oral health and thereby motivating them to obtain dental treatment and to maintain a healthy oral cavity for life. The book is available at online sites like Blue Rose Publishers, Amazon, Flipkart and Shop clues. 



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