• Mobile Dental Clinic

    The department of Public Health Dentistry of Pushpagiri College of Dental Sciences, among its other activities renders dental treatment in areas where access to health care is limited, imparts dental awareness among the general public through dental camps and conducts school health programmes among schools of Central Kerala.

    A state of the art mobile dental clinic, which can deliver quality dental care, forms the highlight of this department. This centrally air-conditioned mobile dental clinic boasts of a treatment cabin (132 sq.ft), which has two fully automated dental units each of which is equipped with an airoter, micromotor, ultrasonic scaler, a digital x-ray unit with viewer, oxygen cylinders and an operating stool. The racks adorning the walls of this chamber are well stocked with instruments and other consumable stocks necessary for rendering dental treatment.

    The treatment cabin opens into the staff cabin, which presents six plush, cushioned push back seats. This cabin opens into the sterilization cabin which features autoclaves, glass bead sterilizers, and needle burners among its other equipmentts.

    In addition, this unit also houses a 1.25 hp compressor, 6.5 mkv power generator, a 400-litre water tank and a public address system. The latter aids in dental health education and boasts of audiovisual aids consisting of a 29″ television (facing outside), a CD/DVD player and handy demonstration models.

    In all the most striking feature of this sophisticated mobile dental unit is its brilliant design, which permits freedom of movement and economy of space.

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